Setting the Research Agenda helps researchers and research managers share their research priorities, learn about the research selection cycles of other research organizations, identify processes used to set priorities and select research, and understand the needs identified by different organizations.

Relevant documents and work products you will find here include:

  • Planning and Development Who needs what by when. Research Planning Best Practices – How research organizations identify their research needs, scan existing international and national research, and define their annual research program.
  • Strategic Research Documents – Tools to develop a strategic research program. What research needs organizations and groups have identified as a priority; collectively, these priority research areas might be viewed as components of a strategic national research agenda.
  • Unfunded and Partially Funded Research Needs – There are a number of places where unfunded research needs exist, such as the AASHTO Transportation and Environment Research Ideas (TERI) and the TRB Research Needs Statements (RNS) databases, in reports, and on various websites. The purpose of this page is to provide a place for unfunded research needs to be posted and searchable by the Transportation Research Needs Google Custom Meta Search tool