The Research Funding Guidebook is the result of a volunteer effort. Several conversations about the difficulty of proposing research took place during meetings of the TRB Conduct of Research (CoR) (currently the TRB Research Innovation Implementation Management Committee) and AASHTO Research Advisory (RAC) committees. These conversations led to the creation of an outline for a Transportation Research Brochure, which evolved over the spring of 2008. As the outline took shape, it became apparent that the product would not be a brochure as originally intended, but a much larger document. Transportation professionals from across the country volunteered to write specific sections, which were merged, formatted, and edited by TRB and Washington State DOT staff, and the AASHTO RAC and TRB CoR committee (currently TRB Research Innovation Implementation Management Committee) volunteers.

In 2017 and 2018, a committee of volunteers chaired by Sue Sillick, Montana DOT Research Programs Manager, led the effort to update this document. CTC & Associates LLC was contracted to review, reorganize, and update existing information, and add information about new research funding programs.

In 2021, the Research Funding Guidebook was migrated from TRB’s website to the RPPM website, at the same time, the RPPM website was migrated from SharePoint to WordPress. Additional volunteers, also listed below, reviewed the Research Funding Guidebook webite to ensure the migration was accurate.

Table 1 lists the contributors to the 2008, 2017/2018, and the 2021 efforts. (Affiliations noted below are as of the time of each contributor’s participation.) 

TABLE 1: Contributors

Steve AlbertWestern Transportation Institute
Stephen AndrleTRB
John AugustineRITA
Jason BittnerUniversity of Wisconsin
Michael BoniniPennsylvania DOT
Steven C. BowerMichigan DOT
Nelda BravoFHWA
Michael BufalinoOregon DOT
Alasdair CainFHWA
Pat CaseyCTC & Associates
Ken ChambersNevada DOT
Nancy ChinlundCaltrans
Gwen Chisholm-SmithTRB
Donna CognataVirginia Transportation Research Council
Waseem DekelbabTRB
Stephani DockDistrict of Columbia DOT
Darryll DockstaderFlorida DOT
Anne EllisArizona DOT
O “Sam” A. ElrahmanNYDOT/R&D
Debra ElstonFHWA
Monique EvansOhio DOT
Kim FisherTRB
Jennifer FitchVermont Agency of Transportation
Anne FreemanTennessee DOT
Jo Allen GauseTRB
Larry GoldsteinTRB
Marci GreenbergerTRB
Diane GurtnerWisconsin DOT
Barbara Harder, Inc.BTH
Chris HedgesTRB
Dave HuftSouth Dakota DOT
Erica InterranteFHWA
Inam JawedTRB
Jack JerniganFHWA
Cynthia JonesOhio DOT
Kohinoor KarArizona DOT
Cameron KergayeUtah DOT
Mary KissiTRB
Tim KleinRITA
Ray KrammesFHWA
Dianne KresichArizona DOT
David KuehnFHWA
Natassja LinzauTRB
Aramis LopezFHWA
Wes LumCaltrans
Laurie McGinnisCenter for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota
Freda MorganTRB
John MunroFHWA
Hafiz MunirMinnesota DOT
Tommy NantungIndiana DOT
Wade OdellTexas DOT
Leni OmanWashington State DOT
Melissa PaciulliUniversity of Massachusetts
David PamplinFHWA
Katherine PetrosFHWA
Mike PinaFHWA
Aaron PoorWashington State University
Barbara PostTRB
Linda PreisenCenter for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota
Cheryl RichterFHWA
Suzanne SchneiderTRB
Ann ScholzNew Hampshire DOT
Susan SillickMontana DOT
Cindy SmithMississippi DOT
Nanda SrinivasanTRB
Gail StabaTRB
Sidney SteckerFHWA
Megan SwansonIllinois DOT
Terry SwygertSouth Carolina DOT
Craig ThorFHWA
Michael TownleyMichigan DOT
Dawn TuckerRITA
Deborah WalkerFHWA
Jon WilliamsTRB
Felicia YoungFHWA