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If a research idea is moved forward from the Stage 1, review of the literature, a Stage 2 form is completed. This form contains the following fields: Title; Topic Statement; Related Research Summary from Stage 1; Research Proposed; Research Period; IT Component; Feasibility, Probability of Success, and Risk; Urgency, Importance, and Expected Benefits/Payoff; Implementability, Implementation Plan, and Implementation Responsibility; MDT Priority Focus Areas; Total Cost Estimate; MDT Funding Source; Funding Match Source and Amount; Potential Technical Panel Members; Submitter Information; Champion Information; and Sponsor Information. All fields, except for the Sponsor Information, must be completed upon submittal. The Sponsor is a high level, Division or District Administrator level, or higher. Sponsors agree we should pursue the research topic and also agree to ensure implementation occurs, as appropriate. After submittal of the Stage 2 form, the Champion reviews the document and either agrees to continue to champion the idea or withdraws championship. If the former, Research staff attempts to identify a Sponsor. If one is found, the champion will present the idea to MDT’s high level Research Review Committee (RRC), which considers which topics to move forward to the Technical Panel Stage. If the Champion withdraws championship, the research topic goes no further.

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