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Transportation research needs are broad, cutting across modes, geographic levels, and types of research. The organizations conducting transportation research and the research programs themselves are diverse. While there is considerable strength in this diversity, it can be difficult to navigate through these programs. Where can I find funding? Who is conducting research in my area of interest? Where do I find the cutting-edge research products?

To help the transportation community access research programs more efficiently, the TRB Conduct of Research Committee, the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee, TRB Staff, and transportation professionals from across the country worked together to produce Funding Sources for Transportation Research: Competitive Programs. The first version of this web resource was posted in December 2008. It will be updated regularly with additional research programs, information and updates for the existing programs, and tips and advice.

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Non-Profit (AASHTO, TKNs, TRB, etc.)
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Transportation Research Board
United States of America
District Of Columbia
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Sue Sillick
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