ITS Strategic Plan 2015-2019

Operations and Traffic Management
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This document constitutes the Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategic Plan covering the years 2015 to 2019; it builds on the progress of the 2010-2014 plan and presents a wide array of technical, policy, institutional, and organizational concepts. It provides a comprehensive perspective that is based on an inclusive, collaborative, interactive, and iterative process, with a wide mix of stakeholder engagement opportunities that ensured that the Strategic Plan reflects the aspirations of the multi-faceted ITS community across the nation. This new Plan identifies a vision ? ?Transform the Way Society Moves,? and the ITS JPO?s associated mission of advancing research that cuts across all surface modes; outlines technology lifecycle stages and strategic themes articulating outcomes and performance goals that define six program categories; describes ?Realizing Connected Vehicle Implementation? and ?Advancing Automation? as the primary technological drivers of current and future ITS work across many sectors; and, presents enterprise data, interoperability, ITS deployment support, and emerging ITS capabilities as additional program categories that are supplemental and interdependent activities critical to achieving the program?s vision. The plan further identifies research questions aligned to every program category in each stage of the technology lifecycle, in addition to cross-cutting organizational and operational disciplines that relate to the program categories.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office of Federal Highway Administration
United States of America

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