NHDOT Research Cycle

NHDOT handout that presents the Research Cycle from an idea, to prioritization by the NH Research Advisory Council (RAC) , and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) roles.

NHDOT Research Implementation Survey

NHDOT survey used to request feedback from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) members to assess the value, implementation, and outcome of completed research projects for the previous three work programs (2014-2019).

NHDOT-UNH Memorandum of Agreement

NHDOT-UNH Memorandum of Agreement with the University of New Hampshire Sponsored Programs Administration regarding capped overhead.

NHDOT-USNH Cooperative Project Agreement

Master agreement for Cooperative Projects Cooperative Project Agreement that establishes the contractual relationship between the University System of New Hampshire and the State of New Hampshire (including NHDOT).

NHDOT SPR2 Annual Report to FHWA

NHDOT SPR2 Annual Report to FHWA, FFY 2020, October 2020, that includes funding and budget information, technical briefs, and NHDOT newsletters for reporting  period.

NHDOT SPR2 Work Program

NHDOT SPR2 Work Program, FFY 2021, September 2020 (revised December 2020) that includes funding and budget information, and a description of active project,  proposed projects, and transportation pooled fund projects.