NHDOT SPR2 Program Manual

NHDOT SPR2 Program Manual, Fourth Edition, 2020, that outlines NHDOT’s Research, Development, and Technology Transfer procedures for administration of the research portion of the State Planning & Research Part II program.

Consultant Manual

MDOT hired CTC & Associates to assist with documenting the process for PIs to write proposals, submit invoicing and quarterly/annual progress reports, final report, etc. Templates and supplements can be found at https://mdot.ms.gov/portal/research.

AHTD Research Manual (2019)

This is the manual that was approved by the Transportation Research Committee for use by the AHTD Research Section to use as guidance for research projects in Arkansas.

NCDOT Research and Development Manual

NCDOT Research and Development Manual outlining the functions of the research program, governing principles and codes, funding information and roles of various NCDOT employees