No-Cost Extension form

This form is used by PIs to request an extension to use funds after the project’s end date. Specific requirements are outlined on the form.

Equipment request form

This form is used by PIs to request equipment if costs exceed the $5000 threshold and requires approval of USDOT.

Principal Investigator Handbook

Principal Investigators (PIs) are obligated to comply with all grant requirements. The Principal Investigators Handbook outlines all project requirements, performance indicators, and forms required to monitor and manage their project.

In-Kind Cost Share Documentation

Form to document in-kind cost share including external awards, volunteer services, and goods as outlined in the OMB Circular A-110.

Research Project Brief

This is a sample research project brief. The target audience is practitioners and policymakers and written with that audience in mind. The brief succinctly states the issues, research, and implications.