Webinars, Advisory Boards, T2 Implementation Plans, and Other Examples of University Technology Transfer Best Practices

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“Technical transfer encompasses many activities but often connotes commercialization and patents. On the other end of the spectrum, university researchers may feel that disseminating their results through a journal paper or at a conference or even just briefly describing their projects in a newsletter means that they have filled their tech transfer duties. Tech transfer may be related to specific projects, a group of projects, or independent of specific projects. Project?related tech transfer often is considered at the end of the project but some activities can and should occur at the beginning or middle of the project. Existing tech transfer literature seems to be limited in value for university research centers trying to share the results of several smaller projects or provide overview knowledge of new topics. The paper draws on a survey from other universities of which tech transfer methods they deploy. The respondents were asked whether their technology transfer efforts are for specific projects, groups of projects or independent of projects and when they deploy project?specific technical transfer (at the beginning, middle, or end of project). In this paper, several technology transfer best practices are shared including tech transfer (T2) implementation plans, use of an advisory board, symposiums, and webinars.

This paper contains an example technology transfer implementation plan form.”

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University of Virginia
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