Transportation Research Implementation: Application of Research Outcomes

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This document provides a summary of the entire content of the Second EU-U.S. Transportation Research Symposium held April 10?11, 2014, in Paris, France; all presentations, comments, and
discussions are included. The summary is organized by symposium session or breakout session with a concluding section that synthesizes the suggestions that emerged from the symposium. This format was selected to give the reader a full understanding of the ideas expressed as well as to document the lessons learned and offer recommendations for successful
implementation of research outcomes.

The purpose of the Second EU-U.S. Transportation Research Symposium was to promote cooperation across the Atlantic and share best practices for the implementation of research outcomes in the field of surface transportation at the local, state, national, and international levels.

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Non-Profit (AASHTO, TKNs, TRB, etc.)
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Transportation Research Board
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