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This report discusses the proceedings and recommendations of the 2012 UDOT Research Peer Exchange. The 2012 UDOT Research Peer Exchange took place in October of 2012. Representatives from eight different state DOTs, as well as representatives from four federal agencies, gave presentations on the implementation of research in his or her organization. Participants also attended the UDOT Annual Conference where they presented a condensed version of their state or agency?s implementation of research and were able to see the inner workings of the Utah Department of Transportation. On day three, participants provided feedback for UDOT on how they could improve their research program. Participants then discussed leadership, how it fostered research implementation, and vice versa. Top suggestions for involving leadership were gathered from each participant at the end of the exchange. The participants were asked to focus on four areas: Implementation, Innovation, How Leadership Affects Research, and How Research Affects Leadership.

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Utah Department of Transportation
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Cameron Kergaye
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