Performance Measurement Tool Box and Reporting System for Research Programs and Projects

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This report documents the work performed to gather and analyze available research performance measurement information, select a balanced and broadly applicable set of these performance measures, develop tools to assist practitioners in applying these measures to their research projects and programs, and deliver these products to the community of state research program managers. The selected performance measures and the developed tools were integrated to create the Research Performance Measurement (RPM) System, composed of a web site, RPM-Web, and a complementing CD-ROM tool box, RPM-Tools. The tool set being provided within the system includes PM 101, a narrated research performance measurement tutorial; a wizard to assist in selecting research program performance measures; a compendium of data resource links; a catalog of example research benefit estimations; and automated work sheets for the practitioner to create new benefit estimations. Additional
functionalities provided in RPM-Web include historical performance information storage and the capability to generate a suite of performance reports from database information.

The web tool for state DOTs created with this project and as modified by NCHRP project 20-63B ( can be found at

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Non-Profit (AASHTO, TKNs, TRB, etc.)
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Transportation Research Board
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