Effective Experiment Design and Data Analysis in Transportation Research (NCHRP Report 727)

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This report describes the factors that should be considered in designing experiments and presents 21 typical transportation examples illustrating the experiment design process, including selection of appropriate statistical tests. The examples encompass a wide range of transportation disciplines and statistical methods. This report will be very beneficial to anyone with limited research experience needing to answer a question based on data (e.g., presenting ozone concentrations in a region, determining whether a contractor?s quality
assurance/quality control procedures are adequate, estimating the effect of automated enforcement on speeds, monitoring trends in the condition of bridge superstructures, developing
a user survey to determine the impact of transit fare changes). The report is a companion to NCHRP CD-22, Scientific Approaches to Transportation Research, Volumes 1 and 2,
which were developed in NCHRP Project 20-45 and present detailed information on statistical methods. NCHRP CD-22 is available at http://www.trb.org/Main/Blurbs/152122.aspx.

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