Building a Foundation for Effective Technology Transfer through Integration with the Research Process: A Primer

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“This primer aims to increase the effectiveness of T2 activity in transportation by describing how T2 practices can be successfully integrated into the research process to capture the potential real-world benefits of our community?s research investment. This primer?s agenda can be summarized as follows:
? Purpose: To help the transportation research community facilitate effective technology transfer by providing an overview of the activities that are required to transfer most kinds of research results.
? Audience: Research program directors and others at the executive level in research organizations, research project managers and their supervisors, researchers, and others in the research community.
? Scope: T2 activities centered on a particular R&D project, often defined by a single statement of work or objectives, as opposed to program-level activities that support multiple projects. The emphasis is on applied R&D, though the principles and concepts apply to basic R&D as well.

In pursuing this agenda, the primer draws heavily on three recent Transportation Research Board (TRB) publications:
? Accelerating Implementation of Transportation Research Results, National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 461,
? Guide to Accelerating New Technology Adoption through Directed Technology Transfer, NCHRP Report 768, and
? Transport Research Implementation: Application of Research Outcomes, Summary of the Second EU-U.S. Transportation Research Symposium, TRB Conference Proceedings 51.”

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US DOT Office of the Secretary for Research and Technology
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Santiago Navarro
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