NHDOT Research Cycle

NHDOT handout that presents the Research Cycle from an idea, to prioritization by the NH Research Advisory Council (RAC) , and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) roles.

NHDOT Research – Questions Here to Help

NHDOT handout presenting how the New Hampshire Research Unit can provide support to the Department including literature searches, surveys, and aid with developing research needs statements.

NHDOT Research – Communication

NHDOT handout that describes general information about New Hampshire’s research program including funding information, topic areas, and research partners.

NHDOT Research – Answers Here to Help

NHDOT handout that introduces the types of ideas that can result in research projects, promotes technology transfer and encourages implementation of innovative practices.


NHDOT handout promoting the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and related resources including the TRB E-Newsletter, MyTRB, reports, webinars, and the TRID database.


NHDOT handout that promotes the New Hampshire State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC), innovation-related FHWA publications, and the NH Innovation Viewer.

NHDOT Focus on Research

New Hampshire DOT’s “Focus on Research” newsletter features updates on current research and upcoming new topics.