Long Range Strategic Issues Facing the Transportation Industry: Final Research Plan Framework

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The transportation industry will face new and emerging challenges in the future, which may dramatically reshape transportation priorities and needs. During a three-month,
intensive process, ICF conducted a literature scan and workshop with transportation experts to examine the major trends shaping the future and their interrelationships with
transportation. These activities resulted in a framework for a new research program that will address long-range strategic issues facing the transportation industry. The goal of the
framework is to anticipate the future issues that may be approaching so that transportation agencies are better prepared to respond to new and emerging challenges;
and to explore visions of what the future should look like, so that transportation agencies can help shape the future through their decision-making. The report first identifies future issues and trends, based on a literature scan of work conducted by ?futurists,? demographers, economists, and other experts. The report then outlines a set of research focus areas, problem statements, and possible projects or tasks, building off the future issues and trends and a discussion by a distinguished panel of transportation experts who were convened to address these issues. The five research areas are: 1) travel demand
behavior, 2) advanced transportation system operation and performance, 3) sustainable transportation, 4) transportation finance, and 5) delivery of transportation services.

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